$20 AMAZON GIVEAWAY! Sunrise Station by Me

If you noticed I only visit this blog after I release a book, you'd be a hundred percent correct.

But hey, at least I come bearing giveaways for all of my wonderful, supportive followers! I'm a college student now. I barely have time to blink.

At the end of this summer I released my third book, Sunrise Station, and it would really mean a lot to me for you all to read it! Also there's a $20 giveaway going on, so who wouldn't want that?

Soft Eyes and Troubled Minds

Soft Eyes and Troubled Minds is a compilation of poetry and literary works by high school students Eboni Symone Porter and Isaiah Cole Louder. It addresses complex emotions and battles an average teenager deals with everyday. It also deals with depression, suicide, love, betrayal, self-image, stress, and finding happiness. This book was not created to make thousands of dollars, win awards, or attract fame. Its purpose is simply to remind the common person that the storm will pass. Do not be afraid.